fredag 25. oktober 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive - a message from Robert Theiss - Thursday, 17 October, 2013

"You have invoked the presence of your soul with passion and conviction to experience an expanded version of your story. Now it is here, asking to blend its presence with your mind, body and spirit. Many of you see this as a gift from Spirit. But the gift came from you when you honored your soul’s passion.

Like any relationship that is built on direct communication, mutual respect and trust, you have gifted your soul beyond measure by sharing your human experience. Feel into this - is your soul a new roommate, neighbor, or relative? Perhaps you found the ideal lover, business partner, spiritual advisor and friend. 

If your soul came to you in human form, how would you share your life with this new live-in partner? Are you going to make a new set of house keys or must the soul always knock first before you let it into your life? How do you split the payments on your mortgage or rent? Who mows the lawn, washes the dishes and cleans the house? Are you dreaming of a new house, a vacation or new car – are you going to pay for these your self or are these mutual expenses?

You allowed the presence of your soul to be in your body; eventually it’s going to exhale in your direction. What do YOU want to receive? What would you expect from a human partner? Would you constantly give of your self but never receive? Your soul isn’t your parent, wife/husband or employer.

This “is” the soul mate you’ve been yearning to have in your life. In this new relationship, you can ask for anything but you also need to respect the nature of how your soul creates. Its gift to you becomes real when you step into your soul’s reality – by choosing to reside in this present moment. The present moment doesn’t rely on the “art of trying”.

It requires no effort but it does require a great deal of trust. Most of you won’t find an example of this kind of trust in your past; you’ll have to imagine this feeling for your self. Ask and you shall receive! Now would be a very good time to set your story free and embrace this new relationship with an open heart, a quiet mind and a renewed passion for living.

Your soul received your gift with open arms the moment you let it into your life. We know your past is full of examples of receiving just the opposite of what you asked for. Step out of your past and your mind just long enough to feel the gift your soul wants to share with you. Ask…how do you want to be loved?"


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