lørdag 12. oktober 2013

How to Read the Photon Energy Forecast

"Master Kirael selects certain days within each month to correlate with a photon energy value. This value is always a single digit followed by a decimal point and two more digits. The distance between forecast photon energy values is not linear; it can vary from one to three days. 

As Master Kirael describes above, you can view the photon energy forecast in terms of highs and lows and maintaining a center point. Kirael has also guided us to apply his numerology to reveal another level of meaning in his photon forecasts. For example, a photon energy level of 4.19 could be viewed as a "4" or balance of the four bodies, moving into a "1" or creation energy with a "9" or a completion factor. This simple interpretation may offer grand insights into the energies at work during that particular day." 

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