fredag 4. oktober 2013

The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - Chapter Eighteen - Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept. 14, 2013

Vår kreativitet blir stadig mer betydningdfull.

"I am so looking forward to the time when I can walk among you.  This time it will be a celebration for all of us.  We will be celebrating freedom - the freedom to define yourselves a sovereign beings under God, untrammeled by the control of the Dark Ones who enslaved everyone on the planet with their economic sleight-of-hand maneuvers. They had gained control over nearly every financial transaction in nearly every part of the world, siphoning off enormous wealth.

The pervasive use of money to define every transaction between one individual and another became their tool to eliminate all trade that was not controlled by them.  As you know, most of the world is now under the grip of that program.  It allowed everyone to be taxed, assessed, and overseen in all the important interactions in their lives.

This oppressive framework of control is being dismantled, nullified, because it was based on illegal practices.  It is being replaced by a completely different system which will level the playing field, as you like to say.  No individual or group will be permitted to control enormous amounts of money, as for instance the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. has done.  It is already being dismantled, and its head has resigned.  Taxes will be a thing of the past, for they are not needed when all individuals have access to the unlimited funds which were controlled by the International Monetary Fund and the Banks of each country, all of whom were in league to steal and hoard the resources of their countries.

The noose around everyone's neck will be loosened, and you will all be able to walk away from the old system, debt-free.  All debts will be forgiven, because the majority of the world's bank loans were written fraudulently.  This illegality does not include, of course, those independent small banks which were established by the people to help each other, like the micro-loan lending programs which keep individuals - borrowers and lenders - in contact with one another."      forts.  

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