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Enlightenment and the Road Back to God - by Steve Beckow on October 15, 2013

Sri Ramakrishna in the bliss of samadhi

"I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that all the divine qualities are solvents. Not simply does awareness dissolve the knots in consciousness that vasanas are, but I might hypothesize that bliss dissolves pain and happiness dissolves sadness.  And we could probably work our way through the divine qualities seeing which dissolves what.

The experience of the divine in enlightenment has the ability to see us evolve to higher and higher dimensions. We know, for instance, that sahaja samadhi propels us to the Fifth Dimension and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that fabled enlightenments like mahaparinirvana open higher dimensions as well.

As I saw in my vision, (1) higher and higher levels of enlightenment or successive and deeper realizations of who we are are the gateways to God, until the highest sees the extinguishing of our individuality and our mergence again with the One.

Through our baptism by the energies that the Mother sent us last week, greater and greater clarity has been given us. And since the purpose of life is to have the clarity to recognize who we are and what our essential nature is, then enhanced clarity or discrimination allows us to make tremendous gains in accomplishing the purpose of life.

The journey is ever so slow and we’ve heard repeatedly one reason why. Archangel Michael has said to me, for instance, that if he simply stood here in front of me in his native state, he would cause the death of my body. It simply could not stand the shock of seeing him.

Too much light too fast can burn our circuits.  Angels pass on the Divine Light but they do it in measured amounts not to overload our circuits and cause our death. And so movement forward, cosmically speaking, has to be slow.

But as we reverse our ways of thinking so that we value less the restless activity of the old Third Dimension and more the divine states like stillness, self-awareness and bliss, we bathe in energies that increasingly release us from our rigidities of mind and body.

Suppleness of mind and body can be expected to return on the forward journey and I’d imagine we’ll be able to hold more and more light as a result of it.

Our resistance to pain, sadness, and fear causes those rigidities. And our acceptance and welcoming into ourselves of love, bliss and awareness dissolves them.

We could consider those rigidities separately, as we’re accustomed to doing, or we could accept Eckhart’s synoptic rendering of them as the pain body, our aggregate consciousness of pain, and experience through to completion the pain body itself – or the totality of pain that we carry around within ourselves.

By opening to the experience of our awareness of pain and to the dissolving impact of bliss, my hypothesis is that we cause the pain body itself to dissolve and lift. We’d be going for the head vampire rather than all it gives birth to.

Our usual sources of bliss are artificial. I could joke that our usual sources are sex, drugs and rock and roll. Losing ourselves temporarily in orgasm, ecstacy, and external stimuli are the usual ways we have of seeking and finding brief moments of bliss.

But the much more lasting ways are cultivating stillness and awareness, in which case, bliss and love, which are native to us, arise within the space created inside of us.  God himself is space, voidness. But again, it’s counter-intuitive to our Third-Dimensional culture to favor space or emptiness over the many pleasures and pursuits we try to fill the emptiness with.

Meditation, which is essentially remaining still and abiding in awareness, is a means of dissolving the pain body. Acting out, projecting our pain and seeing its cause as outside ourselves are ways of causing the pain body to grow.

So even though spiritual approaches to dissolving the pain body are counterintuitive, much of what we’ll encounter in the days and weeks ahead prior to Ascension will, I think, be as well.

What we think of as “intuition” in the Third Dimension has really only been the product of conditioned responses and our conditioning itself has been shown to be wanting. Our conditioning is the situation we’re withdrawing ourselves from and releasing our native, spiritual intuition, which will lead us in directions that we may find unfamiliar and strange at first.

It’s our trust in our own powers of discernment and in the reliability of the Divine Plan that will carry us through. And we can see from the channeled messages recently that the Company of Heaven is going full out trying to raise confidence in us of the Divine Plan, the divine qualities and our decision to ascend and to remain on the road that will take us back to God."

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