mandag 7. oktober 2013

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: The Web of Creation - October 7, 2013 - Ascension: Suzanne Lie, The Arcturians

Dear Ones,

"We are within, above, beyond and even below you. We embrace your totality within your 3D hologram to assist you with the release of all illusion This release must be done in a slow and measured fashion or it would be too difficult for your physical brain to retain its ability to cope with daily life.

Already, your left-brain is resisting the force of your fifth-dimensional thoughts that are attempting to connect with its third-dimensional circuitry. At the same time, that which was once perceived as higher consciousness feels more like normal consciousness. In other words, your base-line consciousness is rising to the degree that mundane tasks can actually cause a physical sensation within your 3D brain.

We wish to tell you to honor this sensation for it is the FEEL of change. That which was once normal is quickly becoming a heavy weight in your energy field. In other words, YOU are raising the frequency of your consciousness to the state that your physical body feels too slow, too outdated.

Releasing Illusion

We say the term “feels” as you are in the process of releasing the old illusion that ONLY physical sensations are real. You are not yet fully aware of these new sensations, so they fall into the category of “feels like”. You are still comparing your new Light form with your old physical form, which can become quite frustrating.

The constant comparison between where you were and where you are going makes you “unconscious” of the actual journey. Therefore, we ask that you take the leap of Being where and who you are within the NOW. We ask that you “let go” of where and who you were and who you are becoming.

Do you see how your comparison of your past and your future binds you into third dimensional time? It is important that you continually remember that the fifth dimension exists in the no-time of the ever-present NOW. Thus, “let go” of that which is complete and embrace that which is NOW."     forts.

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