fredag 15. juni 2012


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

"As We come forth to unseal the envelope of your light, We ask you, as you sit on this threshold of starriness, to see each and every one of your separate selves as a galaxy, as a constellation, as a star in the heavens.  For one day, each one of you will be exactly that. Just as Mother Earth is on her way to becoming a star through all of her earthen children, you too are programmed to become more than you can currently see.. One day you will become as a planetary event that ascends through all of your life forms. 

As you move into the stellar horizon of becoming a constellation or becoming a star –you will far exceed  the expectation you have of your self.  You see yourselves as meek and incomplete.   We see you as tiny starting points of galaxies yet to be seen and of stars yet to be born.  You are vast beyond your ability to measure.  You are vast beyond your ability to remember.  you are vast beyond your ability to see.  You are not a twinkle in some man’s eye or some women’s body – you are a twinkle in God’s Heart.  For you are not just a human ascending, you are seedling stars and galaxies and tomorrows.  You have not crawled from the sludge of the earth to be a slave to anything.  you have come from the Light and it is there that you must search for your mirror reflection. 

You now enter into a new recollection of just how simple it is to instruct unformed molecules into matter. You do not have to wait for a planetary line up or a holy day. You do not have to wait until someone on the Internet tells you it is time to pray. You do not have to wait until Sunday to be holy.  For you are the Event that you so seek.  Do not allow the instructions and intentions of others to tell you when to birth your dream.  

You have each beaten a path forward in time beyond the mass consciousness, beyond the mass understanding.  You streak as a falling star towards what your heart yearns for.  Do not stop and wait for the mass consciousness to catch up – because you will sit on your laurels through many a cold winter and hot summer.

You are given opportunity after opportunity to shift, to change, to grow, to become more.  Do not forget to accept the gifts that life gives you.  The bounty that this land gives you.  the gifts that are just for you and you alone.  We are the Pleiadian energies.  Stretch your wings.  Stretch your perimeters examine the limitations that you have placed around your self.  As a creator why have you chosen this experience? You are the true treasures.  You are the true riches. You are what you seek."

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