tirsdag 5. juni 2012

Dana Mrkich: Alignments and Eclipses and Transits oh my!2012 JUNE 5

Dana Mrkich: Alignments and Eclipses and Transits oh my!2012 JUNE 5    http://danamrkich.blogspot.com.au/Dana Mrkich - Evolution Revolution

"We are in the midst of back to back planetary alignments right now that are simultaneously propelling us into a whirlwind of unprecedented evolutionary acceleration and leaving many of us on our backs literally thanks to the resulting clearing process.

This clearing process is happening faster and on a deeper level than any we’ve experienced so far. It doesn’t involve pages of journaling or taking yourself off to the nearest healer. It is happening naturally to every aspect of our energy bodies, our physical body, our cells, our DNA and our lives whether we are conscious of it or not, ready or not.

This is all happening due to a ‘perfect storm’ of alignments, as prophesised to be occurring now by the Mayans, Native Americans and other ancient and modern wisdom keepers. This ‘storm’ is an extremely positive phase of our evolution, yet it is also challenging in the same way that any major leap from one phase of your life to another can be. It requires a new level of maturity, a new level of responsibility and a new level of awareness, triggered by our ascent into a new level of consciousness for the purpose of experiencing a new level of reality.

As Earth experiences one alignment after another this year, it is like the ball in a pinball machine going ping, ping, ping, ping – with each alignment/contact a doorway or portal opens, allowing a rush of cosmic/galactic energy to flood onto our planet, energy that we haven’t had access to for at least 26,000 years if not longer. Just like a poker machine, sometimes you are lucky enough to get a few apples in the same row, or even a few going diagonally or vertically. This ‘perfect storm’ is akin to the apple landing in every space in all directions! Ding ding ding ding ding!! It is the jackpot of all jackpots, so huge in fact that we can’t even possibly conceive right now what it will mean for us."               Dana Mrkich - Evolution Revolution

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