mandag 18. juni 2012

Når skal vi våkne

through John Smallman

Humanity is on a roll

“Words, words, words . . . but when are we to awaken?” Many are asking this question because they feel they have waited more than long enough for this wondrous, divine promise to be honored. Time is a major part of the illusion – all of God’s divine promises are honored the moment they are made – it’s just that humanity has not yet allowed itself to let go of all the perceptions and beliefs that makes the illusion seem so real. However, you are presently receiving unprecedented help to do so, because on the time schedule that you maintain within the illusion the moment for all to awaken is approaching very rapidly.

Do not worry; it is not something that you could sleep through and miss! Your destiny is to awaken, and unless you have made an extremely determined decision not to (and I can assure you that very few of you have made this kind of decision), you will awaken when that most wondrous moment arrives. And arrive it will — and unexpectedly! Yes, it is indeed close, but the precise moment remains unknown to all but God. You are on the path to an ecstatic awakening that is to amaze and delight you. Keep reminding yourselves of this divine truth, and enjoy the remaining moments until you awaken.

As you wait, make a strong intent to see and take satisfaction in the growing awareness that humanity is displaying as it embraces ever more enthusiastically the loving attitudes that are leading you inexorably homewards, and that are an essential and very necessary part of your awakening process. When you do this, you will see encouraging signs and demonstrations of these new attitudes in what might seem to be the most unlikely places. Humanity is on a roll, and the changes for which you have been hoping and praying are occurring at a dizzying pace all across the planet. Focus on them and allow your spirits to be uplifted.

The speed at which these changes are taking place is quite phenomenal when you compare it to the rate at which changes of any significance have previously occurred on Earth. The ones that are presently most noticeable to you are the economic and political ones which have been happening at a breathtaking pace, one after the other, all over the world. There is nowhere that changes have not been occurring. It may seem at first that they are damaging for humanity because they seem to be causing increasing alarm, anxiety, and suffering.

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