mandag 4. juni 2012

SaLuSa & Mike 4-June-2012

SaLuSa  &  Mike   4-June-2012

Råkost må bli atskillig mer etterspurt blant åndelige.  Råkost holder høye vibrasjoner.  Mat med tyngre vibrasjoner som kjøtt i flere varianter, går etter hvert ut av kostholdet til en som er opptatt av å heve sine vibrasjoner.  Sjalusi har heller ingen plass lenger, verken i vokabularet eller i det praktiske livet.  Det er i denne tida vi kan ta kvantesprang inn i framtida eller inn i de høyere sfærer.  

SaLuSa  4-June-2012
 "The path to Ascension will be much smoother than you might believe, because over time the necessity to bring about severe physical changes has passed. You can take a lot of credit for this situation, because as a collective you have raised the consciousness levels. In bringing more Light to the Earth you have enabled the transmutation of the lower energies. The result is that the necessary cleansing does not call for the depth of changes, that were once thought necessary. The Earth is constantly shifting, and there are hundreds of minor earthquakes that take place every day without any adverse results.
So Dear Ones do not spend your time in fear of the coming period, and bear the consequences knowing it is all for your good. Rather look at the changes as sweeping the Earth clear of its blemishes and ugly spots, so that it can once more be restored. Bear in mind that you too are being cleansed in a similar way, to release any vibrations that cannot be taken with you into the higher ones. Much of it happens without your knowledge, but you can contribute by having a life style that lends itself to purifying your body and mind. Your choice of food is an important factor from the point of view of your health. Try to move away from processed foods and towards fresh produce. This way you will avoid many chemicals that would otherwise be ingested and remain as toxins in your body. Where possible include raw food in your diet and benefit from the energies that they carry. Drink plenty of water to keep the organs of your body cleansed, and avoid carbonated drinks if possible.
In the future because your body vibrations will have been lifted up, you will no longer be attracted or need the heavier foods. Your needs will be considerably less, as you will replenish them by taking more of the energy that is around you. It is only in the lower vibrations that you need your meats, and you will find that gradually they do not satisfy you. Eating is a pleasure and we still indulge but nowhere to the extent that you do at present. We would not dream of putting your type of foodstuffs into our bodies. However, for the time being you need to sustain your bodies and get your energy from your traditional foods, but you can try to introduce changes that take you towards more natural and purer ones."              Galactic Channelings - English

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