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Montague Keen June 10, 2012

Montague Keen June 10, 2012
Montague Keen Foundation


"The truth of this statement cannot be emphasised enough. I have tried, since my passing, to encourage you to determine the truth of who you are. Until this is uncovered, you will remain in the control of those who set out to take from you and use you as slaves, and blind you to this fact. I told you, eight years ago, when I passed to Spirit, that the Cabal were planning to create a recession; that they would use this to take complete control of your planet. The few countries which were free of bank debt had to be brought down by sending mercenaries to them to create upheaval and unrest and to pretend an uprising was happening, thus creating an excuse to invade and bring those countries to their knees. Invasions only happen in DEBT-FREE countries. It was all coldly planned and calculated to ensure the 'banksters' gained control. That so many lost their lives was of no consequence to them. Their plan is to reduce the population by two thirds.

Because the real truth has been kept hidden from you, it is understandable that you are confused. All that you had believed, regarding your history and religion, is total lies. Your whole world was turned upside down to ensure you never found out who you are, and more importantly, WHO THEY ARE. They created an illusion. You meekly accepted what was put before you. It is through history that you will get the full picture. It is all there, waiting to be discovered. Your complicity helped to create the prison which you now live in. But you are in a position, at this time, to open the prison gates and enter the Light.

They are using satanic rituals to try to keep you under control. You watched in horror the satanic rituals as they unfolded last week. London is a place of darkness where much of the control resides. Stop being sheep, believing what you are told to believe. Think for yourselves for a change. 

The people who control your banks are the same people that control your media, your governments and your religions. They succeeded in controlling your lives also. They even believe they have the right to control your planet. The fact is that they have no right to be on your planet at all."    forts.

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