søndag 24. juni 2012

James Gilliland - Sun Not What It Was

"Due to the alignment with Galactic Plane, Solar Cycle 24 and a grand cycle we are undergoing incredible changes. Social, Economic and Physical changes are exponentially increasing yet we were warned about these times.

The Sun is going ballistic, the chemtrails are the worst I have ever seen. Relationships are coming to loggerheads some dissolving, some transforming. The economy is about to experience the derivative bubble collapse; which will make the last crashes look like hiccups. People are waking up on a grand scale and tyranny is pulling out all the stops in their futile attempts to stay in control. Those who are not matching the new frequencies are having a real hard time maintaining their comfort zones.

It is important to know you are greatly loved and not alone in this grand process. With each new burst of energy there will be chaos followed by equilibrium only till the next wave. It is the cosmic roller coaster.

Don’t forget to take a few long deep breaths, clear the energy before jumping into reactionary mind. Saint Francis often prayed to be able to heal what he can, forgive what he cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference. There are some cases where all we can do is remain silent, retreat to our own inner God connection and allow the process. There are some cases where you are being called upon to speak your truth and act yet always remember it takes a calm clear mind to know the difference." forts.

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