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Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
We come today on the wings of this triumph to give you a wonderful message of hope, truth, and joy! Your world is changing for the better. Those who have long fostered a world of suffering and elitism have met with defeat!

The solstice holds many keys to what will now happen!

Ummac Dan
10 Ix, 7 Kayab, 8 Manik

"Dratzo! We return! We are watching the final pieces of your puzzle being solved by those who are our Earth allies. Around your globe a massive effort is now underway to complete the processes necessary for arresting your dark cabal and their many collaborators in government, major banking, and many multinational corporations. The preliminary orders for these mass arrests have been completed, and what remains is to issue the legal warrants for their detainment. They are to be held in special purpose-built facilities. Our liaison teams are in contact with those in charge of these activities, and they will be one of the groups that will formally declare the end of the executive administrations of most western nations. The new 'caretakers' have a massive task to perform in what is a very short window of action. However, these are extraordinary times. Those who have been chosen for these caretaker tasks have a ready-to-go agenda that is to be carried out swiftly and thoroughly by these new governments. Their work will prepare the way for all that is to follow.

Our holographic forces are poised to intervene if necessary. We are assured that such a back-up force is good to have on hand but is not truly required. The changeover nations' military, police, and security forces are deemed more than adequate to carry out the task of ousting their respective regimes from power. The same proficiency will apply to the further thousands of arrests that will isolate the dark cabalists from their sources of wealth and power. It is to be a wholesale termination of an international group that has run your world for nearly 13 millennia. With this single act, you are to become free, sovereign, and prosperous. We will be supervising all of this, and then, at the appropriate moment we will land and begin a more personal contact with you. Much will be discussed between us. This is, after all, the time just before you go to Inner Earth where you will be returned to full consciousness. Our joint mission actually begins at this divine juncture. Much needs to be accomplished together, both in this galaxy and in this region of physicality.

Much is expected of you as a people. Now within your ranks are some of the finest minds in this galaxy. Each of them came here willingly, to make it possible for you to adjust to the many alterations needed to mold you into a new galactic society. This new Earth society will be the heart of your new star-nation, and an essential first requirement is a rapid coming-together of the grand diversity that characterizes your planetary society. This is one reason why so many of you have come from across this galaxy and incarnated into your present bodies. You are going to integrate these physical vehicles into your complete spiritual essences. This essence contains special messages from Heaven, and these will guide you in formulating your new reality. Heaven's plan includes a large series of missions for your new star-nation to undertake, and this further emphasizes to us the unique significance you bring to the new epoch of peace and unity now sweeping through this galaxy."
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