søndag 24. juni 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/24/12 ‘It is Our Ships in Your Skies’

Vi lever i øyeblikket, og kun det.  Utenfor tid og rom inneholder livet kun ett øyeblikk.  Ved å frigjøre seg fra 3d malen, er det lett å se at det forholder seg slik. 

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/24/12   ‘It is Our Ships in Your Skies’
We are your allies in your skies. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

"We will be home soon enough. The time for our departure is not now and that is the important thing to recognize, as it is always most important to keep what is now before you on your plate and not anything else as this is how things get done. We still have much work to do and it is important that those of you who will be in charge of these projects keep what is important and what is the task at hand in the forefront of your waking consciousness. This is not the time for daydreaming about what it will be like in the days ahead, as this thought processing is not conducive to the thoughts and the actions that are vital to the successful completion of the task before you today.
What is important is what presents itself to you in the now moment, nothing else is important as nothing else is real. It is not your past that is real and it is not your future that is real, it is only what presents itself in the now that is real. Do you understand this? Do you understand you cannot go back and you cannot go forward, you can only exist within the now moment, and the now moment calls for your absolute attention to get the jobs done that will see to a successful reunion with us, your teammates who's efforts we see as very necessary to assist you complete the tasks that will allow for as smooth a transition as is possible for you up ahead.
Again, we do not wish for you to think about what is up ahead, as this is a waste of your energy, energy that is so valuable of a commodity at this very moment. We wish for you to expend your energy on knocking down this single domino that stands face-to-face with you at this very moment. That domino is the wall that stands between you, the people of Earth and we, your teammates from the Galactic Federation of Light. We wish to knock this domino down. We wish to knock this wall down. We wish to begin working with you on the many projects we deem very necessary for the safety and well-being of a number of your population who live in areas we have designated as areas that will receive the blunt of the sea surges in your very near future that will be caused by shifting tectonic plates centered deep within your earth. Because of the shifting of these tectonic plates, due to the relinquishing of your planet's 3rd dimensional reinforcements, there will be energies placated and released into the ethers of this universe. Nothing that your mother planet sheds will go to waste, as all will be recycled into this universe, energies to be used again as modeling clay of creation.
Help us lay the groundwork that will allow us to begin working with you by continuing to spread your understandings of our presence here and why it is we have journeyed to your planet. You are making great strides in this respect and we say to you do not slow your efforts now, but push harder as you are almost there and we can now taste the day when we can bring many of our ships closer to your surface and begin the first stages of recruitment of those of you who have shown a willingness to work with us and get the jobs done that are sorely needed in your world. We have been busy compiling lists of all those who have expressed interest working with us and who have also demonstrated a good working attitude and attitude towards others that they interact with."     forts.

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