lørdag 30. juni 2012


29 June 2012    Channeler: Carolyn Ann O'Riley

~ AA Michael via Carolyn Ann O'Riley ~

"Greetings! And Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Your Spiritual Family is so delighted that you are reading the monthly messages.

The Creator and your Spiritual Families are sending you a Spiritual Hug. Simply close your eyes and feel their presence right there with you, hugging you so closely. Each of you are so very special and loved beyond measure.

Spiritual Families, you ask, who are they? Allow this Messenger to Bring you some remembrances of HOME. My Beloveds your Spiritual Families have been with you for eons. They are the Beautiful Beings of Light that you are closest to on the other side of the veil. They are your friends, loved ones and classmates. They have reincarnated with you time and time again. For those within the Spiritual Family that incarnate, they have played many characters in your lifetimes just as you have played many roles in their lifetimes as well.

My Beloveds for those that have not remembered as of yet, there are Light Beings that do not typically come into human form. These Light Beings are usually your Spirit Guides, Angels, Spiritual Advisers, Council of Elders and many others. There are some instances where perhaps your Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Advisers may have been in human form at some time, but this is very rare indeed. If you sense a Spirit Guide is a beloved grandmother or special person that has been in your life this time around, it could be, but this is a very rare occurrence and was specifically planned out because of your particular experiences or life lesson needs.

As you go through your life lessons and progress from one lifetime to another you also may advance into other learning groups on the Light Plane that corresponds to your level of evolvement. Levels of evolvement could also be stated as your frequency levels, if you will. Occasionally entire groups evolve upwards together. My Beautiful Beings of Grace this is not a fast process and it may take hundreds of incarnated life times before you are ready to move from one Spiritual Group to another or for that matter and entire Group to evolve to the next level of Spiritual learning or higher frequency."     forts.

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