fredag 1. juni 2012

'Why Mysteries & Secrets' Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/31/12

'Why Mysteries & Secrets'
Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/31/12 
As channeled through Greg Giles

Her kommer en oppfordring etter mitt hjerte, fra galakterne.  De synes mange av oss, skriver for langt og blomstrende om det som kunne vært sagt med noen få ord.  Hvorfor gjenta seg sjøl i det uendelige?  Noen ganger kan vi trenge gjentakelser for å få med oss poengene, det avhenger av tema, men de fleste gangene bør vi heller velge de uttrykksfulle ordene og skrive kortere.  Det hører krinolinetida til å snirkle seg fram i skrift og tale.

"Straight communication is the procedure when you wish to relay your thoughts clearly and concisely, without any risk of confusion and misunderstanding. There are times that we observe your posts and comments in the public forums of your online social networks where we perceive difficulties in your communications with each other. What we are suggesting is a much more direct form of communication between each of you through the means of word choice. What we would like to see is an improved form of communication necessitated by a more concise use of the language you speak. The end result would be much clearer communications between you. 

We would like to see each of you begin to choose words that cut through the murky waters of confusion and rhetoric. We would like to see you each make your points to each other much more clearly and much more succinctly. Getting to the point faster and explaining your point of view much more briefly are the improvements that we feel will benefit you in the forms of better communications and a reduction in the amount of misunderstandings, and at times, confusion.

Today is a good day to begin as it always is, and what we would like to see is posts and comments made in your online social networks that are shorter, more to the point, and explain your position clearer and sharper without the need to explain your feelings and your point of view through a lot of unnecessary word use and description. If you could do that for us it would not only assist us to better understand you and your points of view, but will also cut down on a lot of unnecessary writing that can be a chore for you due to the limitations of your current technologies. Faster, sharper and more to the point are what we would like to see, and we will be looking for these improvements from you beginning immediately upon the publication of today's communication from us."    forts.

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