lørdag 16. juni 2012

'Why We Are Here' - Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

Her er det en kanalisering som peker på noe som går inn til kjernen i all undervisning.  Galakterne sier klart fra om at vi må skjerpe iakttakelsesevnen vår - ikke bare fly over teksten.  Som alltid, så krever det innlevelse å forstå en tekst. Utfordringen blir ekstra stor når vi skal 'ta inn' en tekst, samtidig som vi også skal forstå dens dypere mening.  Det krever et åpent og villig sinn.          

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light  -  6/15/12  - 'Why We Are Here'

We are your friends from the Galactic Federation of Light

As channeled through Greg Giles

"These words are symbolic that we share with you from time to time. The thoughts and expressions we share with you are not always to be taken literally, and we do see many of you taking our words too literally too often. How to decipher whether our words are presented as metaphor and simile is a matter for you to decide for yourselves. When we speak to you we wish to convey certain thoughts, certain ideas, certain concepts and certain information to you. Depending on what we wish to convey to you at a particular time changes the manner in which we may present words to you.

When presenting particular and specific information about an upcoming event or suggestions we may make to you about how to better improve upon your communications and your tasks at this time would be occasions when we would not present to you expressions through the use of metaphor, as these cases would not be a suitable arena for such a use of expression. If we, for example, would like to share with you our feelings and emotions about a particular subject, then this would be a more suitable place for the use of artistic and poetic metaphor. Do you see the difference my friends? Do you see when there is a suitable place for metaphor and other artistic uses of language and when a more direct approach through the use of language is called for?

We hope that you can recognize the differences and apply this knowledge while you are reading our regular communications to you. We have noticed sometimes that some of you read communications from us that were presented metaphorically too literally. This can cause quite a bit of confusion, and it is confusion that we wish to avoid as we move ahead towards certain events in your future. We do not wish for any of you to be misled by metaphoric expression when they are merely presented to you to allow you to comprehend greater certain thoughts and ideas we wish to share with you. Please do not mistake metaphor for promises or assurances of what you will or will not experience, as this is not the intention of such expression."   forts.

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