onsdag 6. juni 2012

Message from Saul June 6, 2012

Message from Saul
Through John Smallman~~June 6, 2012
Many of you have been experiencing stirred-up issues for the last couple of weeks

"The enormously powerful energies presently enveloping and surrounding Planet Earth are stirring up vast quantities of issues that have lain dormant within the human psyche for eons and which need to be addressed and released so that you can all awaken. Many of you have been experiencing the effects of this for the last couple of weeks and are wondering what is going on, because they have interrupted your “normal” life schedules and caused you difficulty in your daily lives. You have maybe missed important appointments, forgotten to do things that you needed to do, or just been unable to operate as efficiently as you usually do.

With all this going on you probably feel a lot more stressed, and as a result you try to “run faster” to keep on top of things. Consequently, you find you do not have enough time to meditate or take timeouts. However, when you are stressed like this, your periods of meditation and your timeouts are even more essential. It truly is far better to cancel an appointment than to cancel your meditation or timeouts.

Take your watches off, turn off your phones, and make space for yourself alone, relaxed, and quiet. You owe it to your over-stressed selves, and you most certainly deserve to take that time for yourselves. If nothing else is possible, then take a long bathroom break. You are all trying to help and please others, but you cannot be really effective when you yourselves are drained – in fact, in that state your buttons are far more likely to be pushed, leading you to say or do something that you later very much regret. Honor and respect yourselves as you wish to honor and respect others, and know that others want to do the same for you.

If you give others a brief intimation of what you are going through – stress, overwhelm, emotional issues – so that they can understand your need for some downtime, you will find the majority of them will accept and honor that. Athletes aiming for gold medals at the Olympics, tennis players hoping to win at Wimbledon all train extremely hard, but they also take timeouts to de-stress and unwind, otherwise they could not achieve peak performance. And you should do the same – you are in training for your awakening!

The energies have intensified because the moment for your awakening draws ever closer, and they are assisting you to open up to, and fully address, the personal issues that you all have buried deep within you as they break into your conscious awareness demanding your attention. You can deal with these issues. What is causing them may well not be readily apparent to you, but the cause is not the issue! Allow whatever comes up to just be; you do not have to do anything with it. Acknowledge it, thank it for the lesson it has brought you — for that was its purpose — and allow it to flow through you and dissolve into the nothingness from which it came, and it will."        

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