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Blossom Goodchild - June 24, 2012

Blossom Goodchild - June 24, 2012

"Welcome once again to you.  The thing is … I could ask you a thousand questions about what is to take place in the next six months … and yet … for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be on our agenda. Therefore, it leaves me a little stumped on what exactly it is we are to discuss today. Perhaps you have something in mind?

We have nothing other than the desire to assure you that what is to take place in the days ahead is to be for the complete and utter benefit for humankind. As long as you can remember to remember this … then you shall find yourselves revelling in a ‘peace of mind’ that you recognise.  A ‘piece of mind’ that you are meant to be in … around that particular time.

Many of you are indeed confused from all that is being predicted and relayed to you from different sources … yet we reiterate once again … by remaining IN LOVE … by listening to ONLY YOUR TRUTH-FULLNESS … then you shall find yourselves rising to a level very quickly that you will accept as being most pleasurable.

In these months ahead the vibrational ‘pull’ will be egging/urging you on to become your ‘better half’. You shall be delighted at meeting this side of you ... and all you need do to accomplish this is FEEL the desire in your heart/Being to reach such a place that you have known all along is your right.

Let us explain a little more. You are all expecting so much to happen. This is perfectly understandable and we would say to you that so much IS going to happen. Yet … again … the majority of you are expecting it to happen on the outside of yourselves.

There shall be EVENTS that indeed shall astound and allow you to revel in such happiness that you have not yet known.

This is for certain. No matter in what order things are to be revealed … it is without doubt that recognition of WHO WE ARE … shall be offered to you. How one decides to accept us will disappoint those of you who KNOW that we are here to serve."   forts.

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