tirsdag 19. juni 2012

Greetings from Home "The Path of a Soul"

Greetings from Home
The Path of a Soul

"There is an energy that crosses the veil every time we say those words: Greetings from Home. You believe that we are sending you this incredible love you feel every time we start talking. We wish to tell you, dear ones, this is something you hold inside of yourselves. You are using us as the reflector. We are the ones that can help you re-member your true magnificence and your true nature. Yet it is challenging, for you have devised a veil that keeps you from re-membering your history, not only your past lifetimes but your true origin – who you are and where you came from. We have told you many times that you are, in fact, the sons and the daughters of the king. You are the ones, the royal family, here to anchor all of the spirits from Home. This is an incredible task that each one of you has asked for. You bring your greatest desires from Home to make a difference here on the planet. You try and hold these energies on Earth, and sometimes it is very successful because you are working with the heart energy. Yet other times they do not work the same way, because of the interface to planet Earth and the veil you have built for yourselves to have this experience.

Many of you say, “Well, let us remove the veil. It is thinning anyway. Let us just take the veil off and play this game without it, with full memory of who we are.” Sounds like fun does it not? The challenge is that the moment you remove the veil, there is no more game. You all go home. There is no purpose for being on the planet when you do not have the veil. You re-member who you are and you are here to learn that through experience. What about these experiences? “I have been collecting only good ones,” you say. “I have been having wonderful experiences on the planet.” But in truth, you are here to collect a wide variety of experiences. Some you call good amazing, or even full of passion. Others you call mediocre, painful, or simply surviving. All of these experiences are extremely valuable to the soul. They are valuable not only to the soul, but also to the collective of humanity itself. You can consider yourself on a mission to collect experiences. We mentioned last month about collecting mistakes, which in many ways are similar to experiences. Mistakes sometimes define who you are, and help you to find strength in your true nature."

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