torsdag 7. juni 2012

Visionkeeper – Be A Beacon For Others – 7 June 2012

Visionkeeper – Be A Beacon For Others – 7 June 2012

"Okay, we made it through some pretty major planetary happenings and I can’t help but think big changes are in the works. We also have an incoming solar flare today as well! The energies have been intense, no question about it, I think the fact Venus put on her rare transit show on Tuesday will now hopefully rev up the love vibrations and open up more hearts.

It is now time for the whole planet to glow with love light as never before. Let us all turn it into a night-light that never turns off. As people’s hearts begin to open up and new feelings of caring begin to emerge, many people will be confused and wondering what to do with their new-found emotions. The time is here I feel for all the light workers to step forward and offer guidance to those who need it. Many have already been doing all they can and it has been a huge help in the ascension process and as time goes forward it will be up to all the new people awakening to help guide others as well. My point is, the time is here.

I feel the universe has been bombarding us all with information we will need for all the changes we will be facing in the weeks and months ahead. I hope we are all paying close attention and doing what we must to prepare ourselves. It amazes me to see so many sleeping people around us falling for the same old political games. They haven’t got a clue as to what is going on in the world. That is a lot of people snoozing, so we have our work cut out for us that is for sure! The recall vote for Scott Walker in Wisconsin was such a joke. Do people really still believe voting is honest in America? Elections have been rigged for a very long time now and it is up to the people to wake up to the truth of this absurdity."

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