torsdag 28. juni 2012

Green Light! Mass Arrests Will Now Commence!

Green Light! Mass Arrests Will Now Commence!
28 June 2012   Channeler:  Greg Giles

Nå starter massearrestasjonene!  13000 års mareritt er over - det er ikke til å tro. Sannheten kommer nok til å sive inn etter hvert som vi får kjenne på frihetsfølelsen og oppleve selve friheten, får se den og kjenne på den også.  Dette må da være historisk, men det historiske blir mer en teoretisk sannhet enn opplevd i den forstand.

"Pentagon and military insider Drake has announced, tonight 6/27/12 at approximately 8:30PM, that the long anticipated green light has been given and the military and law enforcement alliance known to the people as the 'Earth Allies' will now move in within a time frame of 72 hours to begin the world wide sweep and mass arrests of thousands of members and associates of the criminal organization known as the 'cabal'. For those unfamiliar with this action, these arrests will free, once and for all, all of humanity from their dark captures who have conspired to bankrupt, sicken and finally imprison every human being on the planet.

All citizens are advised to pick up a week or so worth of food, water and all necessary provisions as some store closures and utility outages are possible. All citizens are also advised to withdraw from their financial institutions enough cash to last at least a week, and preferably up to three weeks, as certain banks are expected to close their doors, rendering credit and debit cards useless for at least a certain period of time. All citizens are advised to remain calm and within a centered emotional state. All citizens are strongly urged not to riot or engage in any violent actions of any kind.

Military units and law enforcement personnel will be witnessed making these arrests throughout the United States as well as in some other parts of the world, and all are advised to understand that these men and women are working in service to their brothers and sisters, to freedom, to constitutional government and to love. These military and law enforcement units are not moving in to arrest the citizens of their respective countries as some media outlets may erroneously report in the early stages of this far ranging operation. These units are engaging in the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal and their many associates, that is all.

All are advised to stock their homes with the basic necessities and also advise as many family members and friends what to expect and what these arrests will mean to the people of this world who have suffered too long under the oppression of these criminals and their dark agenda of power and control. This day has been a long time coming, and all are advised to celebrate as these arrests are televised world wide as a signal to our brethren that this is not more of the same bad news we have been programed to believe is the only form of news. This is a time to celebrate, and the celebrations will continue through the July 4th holiday, which will be a true celebration of independence for the people of the U.S. and all the people of our world."    

If you want to listen to the original show, it's very exciting! People all over Facebook have been shouting out GREEN LIGHT!!!
Global Voice 2012

And notes on the call if you don\t have time to listen to the whole show.
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