onsdag 13. juni 2012

SaLuSa & Mike, 13-June-2012

SaLuSa & Mike, 13-June-2012
"All around you changes are occurring and are a sure sign that the impulses for change are getting stronger, and so it will continue all the way to Ascension. The good news is that the outcome has been well anticipated by us, and we have taken all necessary action to ensure that you ascend. Our main responsibility has been to assist our allies to remove the dark Ones. It is proceeding well and is splitting the ranks of the Illuminati, who are becoming disorganized.  It will act as a restraint upon them where they may have any remaining ambition to empower their plans to disrupt your progress.
There really is an "any day now scenario" as far as major events coming to fruition, and there is no escaping the consequences for the Dark Ones. Changes there will be that shall remove all the attachments that have blighted your lives, for Millennia of time. A clean sweep will give you a fresh start to quickly move into the higher realms where you belong. It will be an almost unbelievable transition in such a short time, with great help from us and other higher sources. We know your potential and how quickly we need to help you move on.
It is time for you to throw caution to the wind and take your rightful place with us. We see you as equals and of such courage to allow yourselves to experience the lower vibrations, knowing that they were likely to pull you down into the darkness. Carry no guilt forward as it is time to forgive yourself of any mistakes you may have made, and in any event the end times allow for the Law of Grace to wipe your slate clean. Experience is exactly why you wished to drop down through the dimensions, and the reason for a great leap in your evolution."

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