onsdag 6. juni 2012

Getting into the Game

Getting into the Game (Searching for your Assignment)

The Galactic Federation of Light 

"The Galactic Federation of Light has shared with us their views that the time has come for all of us to be fully engaged in the tasks that will see to the successful conclusion of our overall mission, as the time for 3rd dimensional distractions has come to pass. There are those at this time who have expressed that they are not yet sure what their individual assignment or assignments are at this time, so let us discuss briefly what some of these assignments may be, keeping in mind there are no wrong choices. Whatever it is you feel you resonate with is always an excellent choice.

To find which assignment may be the one for you, you may ask yourself “What is it I'm good at? What is it that seems to draw me to it like a magnet? What is it I have learned? What is it that interests me? What are some of the jobs I've had in this lifetime? Could they have something to do with my assignment at this time? What are some of the professions of my friends? Could this also be a clue? When I am surfing the Internet I seem to keep running across topics with related themes. Perhaps this is a sign and this is my true calling?”

The Galactic Federation of Light has made it clear that they will not contact us in any way to tell us what our individual assignments are, as we are not only here to see to the successful conclusion of our shared mission, but we are also here on personal journeys as well and part of this journey is to find our own way.  

Our overall mission here that we, the Lightworkers, are involved in is service to this planet and her people. As part of our duties towards this service, we are to assist the people of this world understand what is transpiring here, what their options are, and support them in what may be a challenging period for many. Many at this time seek answers to their many questions. This is one assignment that is available for you to become involved in. Those of us who have reached an understanding of the events transpiring at this time are asked to be a fountain of information for any and all that seek a higher understanding of what is transpiring around them.

All the tools that you will ever need for this assignment are at your fingertips. The Internet and the social networks are all you need to reach thousands, even millions of those who seek knowledge that is not available through mainstream media. (*At this time, the Galactic Federation of Light asks of us to focus on one matter, and that is their existence, who they are to us, their presence here in our world, and of their honorable intentions to assist us make this transition as smooth as possible and advance our world to where it is we rightfully belong.*)"       

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