onsdag 20. juni 2012


Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
"We come forth to unseal the envelope of your light. We ask you as you sit on this threshold to visualize each and every one of your selves as a galaxy, a star cluster in the heavens.  For one day each one of you will be exactly that. As Mother Earth is on her way to ascension through all of her six billion plus children, she will then become a star. In the distant future you will become as Earth, a planetary event, and ascend through all of your inhabitants. 
As you move into the event horizon on the edge of becoming a star –you will exceed  the expectation you have of your self .  You see yourselves as meek and mild and often incomplete.  we see you as fertile seeds of galaxies to come, of stars yet born, and of constellations yet unnamed.  You are vast beyond your ability to measure and You are vast beyond your ability to remember. 
We ask you to see yourself as a nebula, a star nursery.  watch within that nursery, the seed of your future.  You are not a twinkle in someone’s eye; you are a glimmer in God’s expectations.  For you are not just a human ascending, you are the future of mankind on training wheels.  You have crawled from the sludge of the earth wearing a starry crown that put the finishing touches on mankind.  You have come from the stars and every planet, asteroid and meteor in-between.   You are Galactic of nature. It is there that you search for your mirror reflection. 
it is SIMPLE to instruct the molecules of whatever thought or energy you wish to receive. It is your natural way of being. You do not have to wait for a planetary line up or the 7th holy day.  You do not have to wait until someone tells you it is time to pray and  line up your personal event.    For you are the event that you seek.  Do not allow the instructions of others to tell you when to birth your stardom, when to birth your galactic event, or when it is time to ascend.  You are the creator of your program while on earth.
You have each beaten a path forward in time beyond the mast consciousness.  You streak as a falling star towards what your heart yearns for.  Do not stop and wait for the mass consciousness to catch up – because you will sit on your haunches and your laurels through many a sold winter and hot summer.
You each march to a different drummer that is why you are strong of nature heart and purpose.  That is why you are pure of intent- for you have earned that energy.  In the time that comes you will be tutored in the new ways of receiving.  Receiving is vast and cannot fit into one container. When you go to the ever-flowing wellspring of life, will you take a cup or a barrel to receive the bounty?
You are a bountiful portal where anything and everything is possible.  Within that portal is a doorway of creation.  As a living creational portal what will you manifest? What will you create?   You are given opportunity after opportunity to shift, to change, to grow, to become.  Do not forget to accept the gifts that your daily life gives to you, The bounty of the land that you live upon.
All of life asks you to receive. Do you carry a cup or a barrel?  Look at your world.  Stretch your wings.  Stretch your perimeters examine the limitations you have placed around you.  For when you stretch yourself, you will truly appreciate whom you are, what you have, and where you live. You are the true treasures.  You are the true riches. you are what you seek.  We are the Pleiadian energies."

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