søndag 24. juni 2012


24 June 2012  Channeler:  Ute
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Dear friends,

"I remember when I was 1 year old, while laying in my little bed, that all of a sudden there was a  very loud, deafening bang and with it the perception of my world was altered by 180 degrees! Everything seemed to be upside down or as if a glove has been upended from inside out. 

Nothing was as it has been before, the freedom, the floating in free and unlimited Divine existence suddenly was seized and instead I seemed to be part of a reality in which everything appeared to be in separate pieces, like in boxes, everything separated from one another with straight lines.

And all of a sudden I seemed to be able to fit into this strange pseudo reality, and to suddenly understand the language spoken around me. All of a sudden I seemed to belong to a reality,  where everybody else already neatly fitted in, submitted to rules which everybody seemed always already undoubtedly and very self-evidently to understand, while for me it was still NOT so! To me nothing made sense, and only a mutual "agreement" about this strange experience seemed to justify it.

The years which followed have not been less astounding, and I was surprised how everybody around me took this compartamentalised life for real and absolute, extremely serious and without humor. I always have been asking myself, how people could be so sure about things, while I felt that this certainty was mere imagination. Still as time passed by I made my unavoidable adaptations to this game.

Later, after extensive travelings in India, at that time still the abode of spirituality incarnated, I noticed when I returned to the West, that everybody was carrying a little box in front of their forehead (symbolically spoken), where their whole life was happening in a compressed manner. The rest seemed to remain unused, while the content in that box was kept a secret from others. It was actually the constant chatter of the mind which keeps us apart from experiencing Real Life, which is the experience of life as conscious energy."      forts.

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