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‘Show us you are Ready’ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/16/12

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/16/12 ‘Show us you are Ready’
17 June 2012  Channeler:  Greg Giles

"Planting the seeds of thought where they may take root is your task at this time here in this world. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, travel beyond the stars and travel to worlds that we feel are ready to accept the gifts that we can offer on behalf of the Creator of us and our universe. We have traveled to this planet you call Earth before. This is not the first time we have traveled here, but it is the first time that we feel your people may now be ready to accept the gifts that we extend to you in love and in friendship, to better serve you and to better the lives of each and every soul that calls this planet their home at this time.

Please demonstrate to us that you are indeed ready to receive these advancements in technologies, sciences, health and wealth, and we will do what we can to share these gifts with you. We do see many of you at this time who are demonstrating that you are indeed ready to receive these gifts and that you will use them wisely and correctly, safely and prudently. These are the prerequisites for this sharing of gifts, for each world that we travel to must first demonstrate that they have now reached a certain level of responsibility and wisdom in regards to the proper handling and facilitation of advanced technologies and sciences. We feel, based on our surveys of your societies and your consciousness levels, that you may now be ready for the implementation of a certain amount of advanced technologies in your world.

We would like at this time to discover just how many of you are now prepared for these advancements and for the announcements of our presence here, as this is a necessary part of this project as it must be understood by your people where this technology is coming from. This is why we stress to you how important it is that those of you who have reached an understanding of who we are and why we are here share this information with all of your brothers and sisters that are within earshot of you, always keeping in mind that it is not your job to convince them that what you say is truth, but rather, you should plant the seed of possibility within their minds and allow it to grow on its own through rays of the sun that shine in the form of further evidence of our existence which is all around each of you at this time and only awaits  the opening eye or the awakening mind to recognize it."   forts.

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