mandag 2. mai 2011

Vi flikker på illusjonen og tar store sveip ...

SaLuSa 2-May-2011
Channeler: Mike Quinsey

Vi forbereder oss på et kollektivt kvantesprang. Vi skal inn i framtida. Vi skal oppleve. Vi skal inn i en helt annen og mer bydende illusjon.

SaLuSa 02-May-2011

As you are finding out time is not constant, and according to what you are doing it will sometimes seem to speed up so that you convinced you have lost time. It shows how you have moved into a vibrational mode of a higher level of consciousness. Eventually time will no longer be experienced as linear and it will all be in the “Now”, as in reality the past, present and future are all One. It is why we can state quite positively that at our level of observation, Ascension has already taken place. The process of Ascension is gradually changing your body and whole outlook, as of course it is to be expected and is a quite natural occurrence. There are also those souls that are not responding to the higher energies, and in fact have little or no interest in that process. There is as a result a separation occurring between the two groups, and this will determine which of them ascend or leave the Earth for a different destination. It is all part of the Divine Plan and based on Universal Law, which ensures each soul proceeds correctly to the next stage of their evolution.

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