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Oppstigning og Luftslott

"The Physicality of Ascension" The Reconnections
15 May 2011
Channeler: Daniel Jacob
This is an excerpt from a longer article from: http://www.reconnections.net/index2.htm
Seems like a good argument for more laughter, en-joyment and lightness of Being.


Vi har lenge snakket om "Oppstigning." Men har vi et realistisk bilde av hva det er - i bunn og grunn? Daniel Jacob behandler temaet under overskriften ; "The Physicality of Ascension." Dette er en oversikt som gir perspektiv. Det er interessant å se hvordan kjente og ukjente aspekter lever sitt liv og gjør hverdagen til et helvete eller til en solskinnshistorie - alt etter som. "Luftslottet" er nok det kjente - for oss alle - som EN !


Each Reality Context is a virtual "Hall of Mirrors," illustrating for you ALL THAT YOU ARE, or HAVE BEEN across time and eternity. Each life that unfolds before you is cut and pasted (to use your computer terminology) from a limitless gallery of alternative lives........ALL OF WHICH represent levels of ONE, SIMULTANEOUS, MULTI-FACETED LIFE. Separated, divided by Veils.

Do you see that man over there? Do you notice his hands, his face, his hair? Or that beautiful woman? Or that comely child? They are ALL fragments of the Oneself YOU who exists, across space and time. They have come HERE, to this place, so you can experience them from a distance---to achieve a sense of PERSPECTIVE about the traits and qualities they wear.

When you look down at YOUR hands, your feet, your physical being---there is the appearance that YOU and this man, woman, or child are separate.......distinct from each other. But that is a perceptual "trick".......resulting from the implanted suggestion that these traits---embodied in your First-Person Vehicle---are YOU, while the other traits and characteristics are not. And this "trick" will remain a governing principle in your life experience until such time as it is no longer required to facilitate the Life Journey you programmed, when you came into physical form.

In the Multiverse, there are universes which honor and embody EVERY idea imaginable, and then some! If you say that something is "true," there are a host of universes to embody that "truth" in every way it needs to be. If you say something is "untrue," a host of universes will spring into your perception, exploring in detail how theelimination of that idea would change things in the world of your creation. Our Reconnections term for these "untruth" contexts of being is "Reality Boxes," and everyone creates them at one time or another. A HALL OF MIRRORS

Les alt her: http://www.reconnections.net/index2.htm

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