lørdag 21. mai 2011

Svar fra Pepper Lewis!

Q&A with Pepper and Gaia

Pepper Lewis svarer nå på innsendte spørsmål. Kanskje noen lurer på det som er tatt opp her? Her er svarene.

Dear Friends and Family of Gaia,

So many of you have asked important questions that I wanted to start a new Q&A email. Our regular newsletter will go out every other month, and in between you'll receive an email like this one with answers to your questions. Thank you for participating in this dialogue with me and Gaia.

Springtime is here, at least in this part of the world. Can you update us on how the honeybees are doing - is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) still on the rise?
- Elisabeth M. Salzburg, Austria

"Bee and other pollinator populations have been in decline for decades, particularly on the North American continent. Colony Collapse Disorder is a sophisticated name, but it basically describes an inability on the part of pollinators to adjust to large-scale agriculture as quickly as humanity would prefer. No specific disease or affliction will be identified, though many will be suggested. Declines will continue, but at a less alarming rate. Other agricultural issues will soon present more alarming problems and farming in general will be challenged for the foreseeable future. Smaller farming concerns will suggest a return to a more moderate crop yield, but this will not feed a hungry world. Nearly half of the world's harvestable food supply is lost each year, most of it due to less than favorable techniques and delivery of such precious resources. Innovations in the field of landscape management will eventually heal the rift between man and nature and bounty will return."

~ Gaia

I have heard that you have been channeling for twenty years. Does that have an effect on your physical health? When you meet someone, do you automatically "see" and "know" with Gaia's awareness as well as your own?
- Phee K.P, Singapore

I am probably healthier today than I was years ago before I began channeling. Channeling is not physically demanding but my body prefers to be supported by better nutrition, especially when traveling or channeling for many hours or many days. Over time I have learned when enough is enough and when rest is appropriate. Too much of a good thing is still too much and as with almost everything, our bodies are excellent gauges.
When I meet people, I see exactly what they want to "show" me -- sometimes a lot and sometimes very little. I am very sensitive to the importance of privacy, even on the subtle planes. Gaia is a vast living library of knowledge. I do not see or know what Gaia does, but insights are always available and somehow ready -- before I have thought of a question the answer is already there. I have a healthy respect for the boundaries between my human life and the wisdom that is Gaia.

~ Pepper

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