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En hyllest til Mennesket!

Claiming/Being y/our Sovereignty Adamus of Sovereign Domain
16 May 2011
Channeler: Geoffrey Hoppe
This is a compilation from 2 workshops/channelings of Adamus thru Geoff Hoppe


"Remember there is no grander being in all of creation than the human being. There are no more advanced civilizations anywhere. There are no other civilizations that have “made it”
or figured it all out. The highest level of experience is right here on Earth because when you take on physical lifetimes you also forget your origins and who you really are. That is tougher than experiences on any other planet or in any other dimension. It is the greatest challenge of all, and if you can make it through this, you’ve absolutely made it. There is nothing else you need to do.
Yes, at times it does irritate me when I hear Pleiadians talking about how they’re going to save Earth – they haven’t even saved themselves – or alien space commands going to bring the big mothership down here. And I have to say that a lot of these alien beings have been a part of these light and dark wars, and they’ve carried a lot of agendas. There was one point where I was personally dealing with some of the Pleiadians who pretty much guaranteed that they were no longer going to interfere with the ways of humans on Earth – and immediately turned around and interfered and were part of a very big war, which took place right around here about 70 years ago.
So when I hear this talk about the Pleiadians advising humans, I’m not terribly impressed. The only ones I’ll be particularly impressed with are the ones who take on physical birth, physical form here on Earth, and make it through to talk about it. My highest respect is for those who have taken on human form."

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