torsdag 19. mai 2011

Våre venner på dypt vann!

Source: I R I S
Channeler: Kris-Won,
May 19, 2011

I am now in the Goldstaad gully. This gully is already at a considerable depth, but the ocean floor sinks even deeper towards inhospitable and unknown depths of the Norway Sea, which are abysses where not even we can go.

What spectacular views! It is a pity that you all cannot see this incredible scenery that the bottom of the ocean offers to all the beings who can enjoy this vision. Nevertheless, you can at least delight in the extraordinary beauty of the fiords of this Scandinavian country, which is one of the most spectacular views that Gaia has to offer us. They rise proudly over the icy waters of the Norwegian Sea, as if wanting to reach the sky.

Several centuries ago, the Vikings navigated through the Nordic Sea with their drakkars, as they used to call their agile and speedy vessels of war. In many occasions, the ancient Vikings told of anecdotes in which they had encounters with female beings in open seas (offshore) who sang to them beautiful, suggestive songs, and whom they named "sirens". Yes, like the stone-sculpted siren that is so famous in the Copenhagen port of Denmark, in the Baltic Sea.

And guess who were those sirens those legends talked about, whom these Nordic warriors met? Of course they were us, although they represented us as having a fish fin, I guess to symbolize that they saw us swimming in open seas, offshore, many miles away from any firm land.

Horti Pan Keor. Alí Maluá. I will await expectantly our next encounter, now that the communication with my channel has been improved and polished.

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