fredag 27. mai 2011

Neste stoppested: Galaksen!

27 May 2011
Channeler: Mike Quinsey

Det neste halve året vil bli en flyt inn i Atlantis-liknende tilstander, hvor vi vil ane skarpere konturer av det vi trofast har arbeidet for i lange tider. Mange har bestemt seg for å være hos sin gamle Moder en stund til, og det er fullt mulig. Den kollektive bevisstheten har steget mye på relativt kort tid. Dette har gitt positive utslag for prosessen vi er inne i. Det er mange undere som venter, sier SaLuSa.

"Having been earthbound for so long you have acquired a strong affinity with Mother Earth, which is why so many of you chosen to stay with her. It will be a grand experience to ascend together, and wonderful to see Mother Earth once again in all her splendor. If for example you decide to join us, then your life will be largely spent on board our great Motherships. In fact some are so large that they can easily replicate the surface of any planet. So it is like home-to-home and complete with other forms of life such as animals. They are no longer wild and have completely lost their primitive instinct for survival, as they live in perfect peace happiness. Such peace is a feature on all of our craft, and life is as satisfying as it could be anywhere else. The comradeship and partnership also includes families, and they have all that they could need for a happy and contented life."

"Tucked away in your homes it might seem that all of our talk is but a dream, but you will physically experience Ascension albeit your bodies will have been suitably prepared by that time. As so many of you have already found, the new energies are powerful and are affecting you in a number of different ways. That is your assurance that things are happening as we advise you, and we expect even more of you to begin to experience greater levels of consciousness. You will find a peace settling upon you that enables you to keep calm whatever the circumstances, a sure sign that you are making good progress. It will be like your experience of time speeding up, and be quite substantial as you edge your way towards becoming a Galactic Being.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and guide you to the truth that must surface and be acknowledged if you are to unite.
Thank you SaLuSa, Mike Quinsey."

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