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"Breaking down the Door"

“Poofness” Message May 8th 2011:
Breaking down the Door
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Breaking down the Door
"The world has never been Here before, the whole world was in Paris last week and signed their docs on revals on their currencies, and program funds to be transferred into their countries. Then all that pile of paper work was filed away…done. A judge signed off on everything, didn’t take him as long as some would’ve thought. This weekend has also someone handling a desk full of paper work. Each action bringing this thing to its culmination, generates paper work and some that was never needed before so it’s all new. Security is tight and well needed.
The foundation and all of its trusts were not stuck on the easter/christmas thing, they wanted the us back under its constitutional structure before they’d turn it loose. The french have been involved in the roots of this country more than anyone might guess, the brits and the french have been in much historical confrontation over this business. Where did Jefferson get the money for the louisiana purchase? Napolean Bonapart! that’s where. To get this Plan done, the dragons provided the engineers to move the heavy lumber.

They have proven you don’t have to blow everything up to get what you want done. Honey goes go a lot further than vinegar. Now I know everybody has their ‘sources’ but do know, each one’s info is based on where they are on the totem pole, and whether anyone significant is talking, at this point, gag rules reign. What’s all the secrecy for…because it’s not done yet and they are not broadcasting for security.

Something some of you need to learn right here and right now, learn to keep what you know to yourself. What are you going to do once that non disclosure is signed, bust a gut to tell it? You think the internet and phone calls aren’t monitored? I got news for you. Until you hear those announcements you better act like ’1984? is active." forts.

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