onsdag 18. mai 2011

Bevisst styring!

Sheldan Nidle Update May 17 2011
18 May 2011
Channeler: Sheldan Nidle

Nå er det innspurten som gjelder, og vi går mot klarere bevissthet i alt vårt virke på Jorda.

"Dratzo! We return! The process to dethrone the last dark cabal forges ahead! We are watching carefully as the final details are being completed. The dark-oriented regimes on your world are still cooperating with our Earth allies, but we expect shenanigans and are not taking our eyes off them for one second! The purpose behind these transfers of power is to promote the rise of truly responsible and transparent governance, not to allow the dark's old, autocratic and non-responsive ways to continue. A great deal of legal maneuvering and special international use of common-law traditions were required to achieve these lofty objectives. Now we are seeing the actual transference of power from the Anunnaki's former minions back to the people, reversing the trends encouraged by the Anunnaki since the destruction of humanity's first Golden Age some 11,000 years ago. At that time the Anunnaki set up a system of on-planet minions, which they refined over the ages. This system was only somewhat opened up to the Light by the advent of the American Revolution in the 18th century."

Og så litt om bevisst styring:

"Conscious governance takes galactic society as its working model. For this concept to work, four assumptions are made: first, a global consciousness shift is underway which Heaven is accelerating daily; second, the beginning of a mass first contact with you is happening and disclosure is imminent; third, people have lost all confidence in the ability of present governance to solve the world's problems; which leads to the fourth, namely, a new form of governance is now required. With the assistance of the Lemurian Grand Council, we have come up with a two-part proposal. Part one is simply to stretch the concept of participatory governance to its natural limits: government needs to address honestly the problems facing its citizenry by convening public forums that examine problems with the express goal of resolving them creatively. The key to this process lies in your growing ability to trust your intuitive self. Another key is the creative application of "fluid group dynamics."

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