onsdag 18. mai 2011

Greetings from Galactic Heart ... !

ASU Origins Project Inviterte til en konkurranse blant videregående skolebarn; "Kjære Aliens" - Prosjektet avdekket stor viten og kreativitet blant de unge. Det er en fryd å se hvor enkelt dette emnet kan behandles i unge bevisste hjerner.

Recently a friend sent an interesting email that I would like to share with you.
Arizona State University conducted a contest called "Dear Aliens:"

For many years, scientists have been looking across the universe for signs of intelligent life. But what would happen if we made contact with an alien civilization? What would we say if the aliens tuned into Earth and said ‘Hello?’

The ASU Origins Project invited children ranging from kindergarten through high school to submit a "Letter to Aliens".

The following are some of the entries which I found to be very interesting and entertaining. Enjoy!
Selamat Ja!

The overall winning entry was written by Benjamin Lee, a seventh-grader from Pardes Jewish Day School in Phoenix. In his letter he wrote:

“Dear Aliens, Please help us save our world. Not, from you, from ourselves. We are destroying our planet and need help from more technologically-advanced beings. Our planet is polluted, many nations are at war, there is civil unrest, and our economy is in turmoil. Perhaps you can save our world. We’re sure that you are friendly beings, as you have traveled so far to see us. Please come live among us and share your wisdom with us; we really need it.

“We have many similarities to you. Like you, we have explored space travel, and we too are living, sentient, intelligent beings. We are the third planet orbiting around a medium-sized yellow star, called the sun, (93,000,000 miles away). Our planet, Earth, began as a ball of rock, and we have carbon-based creatures living on it. We have evolved from single-celled organisms, into other forms of vertebrate and invertebrate creatures. Our planet has water, plants and an atmosphere which contains oxygen. The farthest we have travelled in manned spacecraft was to our own moon, which isn’t’ far,” Lee wrote. He concluded his letter with: “Maybe someday we can come to your planet and live among you.”

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