fredag 5. august 2011

SaLuSa om Selvmord!

Message from SaLuSa to me,
4 August 2011
Channeler: Laura Tyco  2011 August « 2012 Indy Info
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Laura: Good evening SaLuSa, this is one question from a reader: "What happens when people decide to disembody voluntarily? Can these souls ascend as well ?"

SaLuSa: "Good evening to you all dear friends. I wish to make sure that under no circumstances do we, or any respected spiritual teaching recommend such procedures as voluntary termination of one’s life. We do not recommend any such thing, for you as part of your planet and as part of humanity.
All life and life giving beings are respected and loved by the Higher Council of the Light. Life is a precious gift."

"The path to ascension is difficult ordinarily to say the least; it is particularly difficult on planet Earth, as your planet lies under much unusual circumstances for a hundred centuries, since the fall of Atlantis in particular. On other worlds, some races are born ascended. This occurs on a little number of planets, and of course on planets already ascended."

"On your beloved planet Earth, ascension is hard work as you often say. It is based on hard work in order to bring about a higher level of consciousness for you. It often involves conscious and continuous efforts on your part, as well as voluntary efforts, often involving sacrifices and useful suffering in order to raise your consciousness. Souls do have to suffer in order to learn sometimes dear ones."

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