onsdag 31. august 2011

Parhestene snart tilbake!

Det er en glede å se fram til at SaLuSa og Mike er på plass igjen.
Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011

Hi Friends,

I am sorry I could not contact you earlier, but my computer completely crashed, and I had no way of letting you know. I did not know at the time that my hard drive had gone, and was hoping my computer (8 years old) could be repaired quickly, but that was not to be and it took 9 days to sort out. During that time I understand that a number of you learnt of my situation and wanted to help me out. That resulted in an appeal for donations to help me purchase a new computer which I did on Saturday the 27th August. As I lost all of my Hard Disc data, I was faced with a formidable task to set it up again, finding for example that with new Windows Seven some of the old programs that I used with XP were not compatible, and that also included my two printers, both of which were admittedly quite old. The amount of time taken to sort it all out, largely came from difficulty in trying to recover information from the old Hard Disc. So your great generosity enabled me to buy a new computer and printer right away, which also gave the opportunity to make sure it had a bigger memory and a faster speed. I found it could not take my favourite Outlook Express, but you will be pleased to know that Windows Live Mail is a very good replacement, and once I get used to it, might well prove to be better.   forts.

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