lørdag 22. juni 2013

You want love

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Life does not have to be difficult. In reality, you simply want to be happy. You want to feel the Love that exists within all of creation. You want to express the qualities of your soul and share your gifts and talents with others. You want to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated for the Love that you truly are.

Your soul knows exactly how to create heaven on earth for it knows that heaven is not a place, or a collection of things, but rather a natural state of being in which you feel connected to God, your own heart, and all of creation. “In” heaven, you experience your uniqueness while at the same time your know and experience your unity with the love that lies beneath all of creation. You are loved, cared for, and guided.

Everything you seek upon the earth is something you perceive will give you this feeling of being loved. In reality you already are loved! If you want a new car, having one feels like love. If you want a relationship it is because you want to feel and share love. If you want more money it is because you want to do things that feel like love, share things that feel like love, or have a feeling of security, which feels like love.

Here is the good news dear ones! You do not have to wait for your things, your situations, or your acknowledgment from the world to feel love. You have that love inside of yourself. You can give it to yourself. You can drop into your heart at any given moment in time and ask yourself, “How can I bring more love to the surface in my life right now, given the resources I have right now?” You will get an answer. Sometimes the answer is so simple it seems insignificant, and yet any act of love for self or another IS love, dear ones. And love is a vibration that you all seek. 

The more you bring love to the surface, internally first, then in your own life, then in the lives of others, the more it will be reflected back to you in magnificent ways. The things, relationships, and situations that bring you true joy will be brought to you easily and the rest will fall away. You will learn to live in the moment, trust your own heart, and trust that there is a higher power that truly loves you. You will, one moment at a time, be finding that vibration of heaven on earth.

So right now, right after you read this sentence, ask your own heart? What can I do to bring more love to the surface in my own life, right now, given the time, energy, and resources I have… right now? Trust that. Act upon it. Be with it. Do this often, dear ones, for in your heart you will find the keys to the kingdom of heaven here on earth."

Ann Albers Visions of Heaven - Messages from the Angels

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