fredag 7. juni 2013

High Council of Orion Mediation to Release Fear ~ via Karen Doonan

"Dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time upon and within planet earth. We come through our channel with a meditation to address the lower dimensional energetic frequencies that are now arising within many upon planet earth in their human form. We ask for you to use this exercise as often as you wish and to be guided at all times by how you FEEL. The release of the lower dimensional frequencies of fear may leave you challenged initially as many of you have become accustomed to the storage of these frequencies within your human vehicles. We ask for you to drink plenty of clear water and to honour your human vehicle's requirement for extra sleep in order to process the release of said frequencies and the anchoring of the higher new earth frequencies at this time. Dear ones ALL is perfect for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

Please find somewhere you will not be disturbed and lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and take your focus to your breath, your breath is a key dear ones and the key will help you unlock those levels that are now asking to be released. As you take a long, slow, deep breath in visualise the pure white light of TRUTH. FEEL it fill your lungs and move through your human vehicle. As you release and breathe out hold the intention to release all that no longer serves and for it to be transmuted back into the LOVE that IS. Continue to breathe in and out with long, slow, deep breaths. You will find a sense of calmness begins to settle within your human vehicle. At all times dear ones please honour the emotions that may arise for you, this is about being in FLOW.

Next take your attention to your feet and allow yourself to grow, long, golden roots deep down into mother earth, at the centre of mother earth is a beautiful white dove, this is the dove of peace. Hold the intention to connect your long, golden roots to the dove of peace and FEEL the energies of the dove flow up through the golden roots and into your feet, your legs, your hips and into the main trunk of your human vehicle. The energies from the dove of peace are nurturing, they are RE-ASSURING and they are energising. Allow the energies to flow up from mother earth and to flood into your human vehicle.

Next take your attention to just above your crown and visualise a beautiful golden cup, this cup is filled with a beautiful pure white liquid that shimmers. When you are ready please tip the cup over and allow the pure white liquid to flow down through your crown into your head, your brow, your throat and the main trunk of your human vehicle. This is the peace and tranquility that sits at your SOUL level. Allow this energy to flow into you and to find balance with the energies that are flowing up into your human vehicle from mother earth. You may visualise the words PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY and place them within the heart space.

If you could view yourself from out with your human vehicle you would be glowing a pure white light, you are literally glowing white. Stay within this sacred space or as long as you wish. Repeating and visualising the words PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY and placing them in the heart space. Please honour any emotions that arise for you and allow them to flow.

When you wish to come back from this sacred space simply open your eyes. You may connect and/or wish to use this exercise upon waking and just before going to sleep.

We are the High COuncil of Orion and we walk with you always dear ones, now is the deep cleansing of your human vehicle prior to anchoring the vast LIGHT codings that will see you manifest heaven upon earth. ALL IS NOW dear ones and ALL ARE ONE.

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