tirsdag 4. juni 2013

MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013 - The Alchemy of Creation Part 3 - Remembering Heart/Mind The Arcturians

"We Arcturians have often spoken of the Heart/Mind in which the heart, your High Heart and the mind, along with your multidimensional consciousness, are merged into ONE. This joining creates a liaison that initiates a quantum shift of both your thinking, which becomes multidimensional in nature, and your emotions ability to receive, contain and disburse unconditional love.

Since unconditional love is the bonding force of the multiverse, once you allow it into your multidimensional consciousness it bonds unconditional love into your vessel. At the same time, your multidimensional consciousness guides you to perceive and accept unconditional love. The ability to think multidimensionally and to receive and use unconditional love is the key to the transmutation of your earth vessel.

As the multidimensional consciousness and unconditional love becomes blended into your Heart/Mind, the Three Fold Flame within your High Heart becomes activated to initiate the return of your innate power within, infinite wisdom and unconditional love into your daily life. These attributes actually serve you as a "virus protector" by emanating a multidimensional energy field around your physical body.

This energy field creates a “lens” which expands your perspective beyond the limitations of your physical reality so that you can place your attention onto the higher frequencies of reality. Where your attention is, there you are also. Hence, as your multidimensional consciousness chooses to attend to a higher frequency of reality, your unconditional love can bond with that higher expression of Earth. In this manner, you will create your energetic pathway into fifth-dimensional New Earth.

Free of many third dimensional illusions and limitations your earth vessel begins to resonate to the power of multidimensional thinking, the wisdom of the higher dimensions and the ability to live within the constant feedback of unconditional love. Unconditional love is much like a mirror. When your aura resonates to unconditional love you consciously perceive and experience every energy pattern that you transmit into your reality.

Thus you have instant feedback of any energy that you send into your world. This component of unconditional love is what prepares you for life in the fifth dimension where there is no time. Within the NOW of the fifth dimension you every thought and emotion is instantly manifested."   forts.

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