onsdag 19. juni 2013

This is indeed a most wonderful time to be on Earth! June 19, 2013 by John Smallman

"Humanity’s powerful progression along the path to awakening continues.  Despite the apparent delays – because truly there are no delays, ever – all is proceeding apace as more and more of humanity realize that what they have been experiencing as life, riven with disagreements and conflicts, is not what they had intended, not what they had wanted, because love and acceptance is what everyone without exception really desires and is seeking.  This worldwide growth in awareness of the inadequacy of the life experience for most of humanity is causing many to reflect on it and to intend to change it.  Your intent is powerful, and your collective realization of the inadequacy of the human life experience is leading to awareness that the only way that the essential changes to humanity’s way of living can be achieved is if each and every one of you changes your own attitudes and behaviors.  Waiting for others to change cannot, does not, and will not work, and that has finally become apparent to large numbers of you, large enough numbers to change the collective intent.  That is what is happening, and that is quite fantastic progress."       forts.

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