søndag 2. juni 2013

What is Photon Energy?

Photon energy is the powerful new energy source that will replace electricity in the new millennium. It's a free energy source and nobody can monopolize it. Its outer edge or belt has already reached Earth's atmosphere and is affecting not only Earth but many planets in the solar system. 

Photon energy is light energy, and it permeates the Earth in waves. It has the power to extend human life because it realigns the human body into a lightbody. Photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency and confers the power of instant manifestation of thought. 

Therefore, it is essential to maintain clarity and purity of thought by practicing daily meditation, being in the "now," and staying heart-centered. In one sense, the Great Shift in Consciousness is the evolution of Mother Earth and her inhabitants into the realm of photon energy for the next 2,000 years. 

For a full explanation of photon energy and the evolution of consciousness, see Chapter 4 in Kirael: The Great Shift Revised Edition.

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