tirsdag 11. juni 2013

The Growing Indications of Real Change

"I feel the need to comment on a certain theme I’m seeing emerge today (June 10) that just can’t go un-addressed.

It’s a theme that, if I let them, the channeled sources speaking through me would perhaps address.
Indeed, the Company of Heaven has discussed this theme exponentially today, and it’s for that reason I feel the need to set-aside the myriad other tasks I’d set out for myself today (working on the Newsletter, working on the next message to have published, etc.) to offer my perspective.
Throughout the various channeled messages and terrestrial exposures we’re seeing today, the theme’s emerging that the widespread changes we’ve looked forward to for so long are just about to begin. We’re being inundated with material suggesting that the first signs of exposure of the dark’s activities, as well as the signs of true and real change beginning to be enacted, are here for us to see, right now."    forts.

Originally -  Golden Age of Gaia

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