lørdag 29. juni 2013

Use Your Imagination

Many on your world are beginning to realize that now is a very fertile window of opportunity. It is a time when you can use the new portals and energies that have come to your world to your advantage. It is a time when you can use what you may term imagination to create many new systems on your world.

We speak to you as an advanced aspect of yourselves whose consciousness resides within the Pleiadian star system. We are called Waymus. We are now able to communicate with humans on your planet due to the energetic expansions that have taken place. You are now better able to relate to the information that we can share. We are a very innovative cluster of consciousness. We have a focus of planetary and personal creativity. We are here to help you stimulate your new abilities that are in the process of manifesting. We are here to help you take advantage of the energies and potentials that are within you and around you.

Imagination Is Your Most Powerful Tool

Your species has the ability to imagine. This is the ability to create a mental, emotional picture within your mind. Your species has been doing this for many lifetimes, but now this ability is about to take on a new aspect, a new capability. Many on your planet have been shocked into expanding their consciousness. Even though many were in fear of the date 12–21–12, the idea of extinction that was at the forefront of humanity's mind in the month of December 2012 actually brought some positive effects to your people. It caused many to think about their lives and to come up with the ideas of what was really important about living. Many had to think about what they valued and what they wanted to do with what they felt might be their last hours. This caused many to go beyond the framework of the life they found themselves enacting and look at how they would really like to use their life force in their final moments.

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