mandag 17. juni 2013

THE ARCTURIAN GROUP MESSAGE via Marilyn Raffaele - 17 June 2013 -

Greetings Dear Ones,

"Once again we come to speak to you of Truth and Love which you are now taking to the next level. You are evolving quickly and the Light on Earth is rising, although you do not hear much of this on your news. Many are awakening and feeling a need to be free of the tyranny and bondage that up to now they have taken for granted.

This inner journey is being reflected in the outer, which is why you see world-wide resistance to authority taking place. In general, most do not understand what is happening, but are being driven by an inner knowing that they are entitled to the freedom of having their voices heard and to lives lived free from manipulation and strife.

Many are and will die in this effort to awaken the world but this was their soul purpose and choice. For some it has been their chosen means of atoning for past lives lived in dominance over others, taking upon themselves the yoke of the freedom fighter to help mankind move into a new awareness of what freedom really is. We do not condone killing and violence, but we say that there are those who only learn at this level and many places on Earth still resonate with this dense energy.

Freedom is not just about being allowed by another, a group, or a government to do something. Freedom is an inner state of joy with the ability to express oneself. Think about the actions of a small child – freedom expressed lovingly as they simply be who they are. Unless one’s choices interfere with the freedom of another, one is entitled by Divine Right to be who they are – to marry or not marry whom they please, to do whatever work makes their heart sing, and to express ideas without fear of punishment because those ideas are not of an accepted norm.

The energy of the third dimensional world has held mankind in bondage to rules of what is acceptable and what is not, rules all based in ignorant concepts of duality and separation. Those choosing to step out of the box, have been and still are often severely punished – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Who makes these rules? Who enforces them? Think on that Dear Ones, for your concepts of freedom are changing regardless of the old rules and all the flag waving done to support them."   forts.    newest

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