søndag 9. juni 2013

Walk in the SEE~ing - 9 June 2013 -

Walk in the SEE~ing and KNOW~ing  -  Channelled by Shazi

"The new paradigm is for YOU to awaken and rid old karmic waste out of your systems, if you desire this; but remember the old paradigm of customs and routines that served mankind thinking it was the way forward, has all but collapsed and soon will be.

There is a circle of trust running through the universal consciousness and in the ethers that is slowly being imprinted permanently on the new paradigm wavelength.

You cannot stop this for the awakening is gaining strength even as you speak.

So let go and join your own inner wisdom and find the SEE~ing and KNOW~ing that exists in YOU; do you deny this when so many have shown you the way, the knowhow.

To walk in the SEE~ing and KNOW~ing is to connect spiritually to that life plan that was ordained for YOU when you came into existence; for the Creator knows what is fulfilment in your life.

When you KNOW you will indeed fulfil a part of divine remembrance that is a part of YOU, that was ordained for YOU; but if you still ERR away then the world of 3D illusion and unfulfillment will overcome you all and the messages will be forgotten and dear ones you will too be forgotten.

When routines of old are worth very little, when they are not divinely based, as they hold no energy but waste and ignorance.

We KNOW the divine path of you inner SELF is the path for ONE~NESS and that is YOUR awakening, your own disclosure.

There is no ONE but YOU, and this YOU is the SELF, the inner heart, the core of the SOUL that you need to connect to KNOW.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all"

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