søndag 9. juni 2013

Part 166, The Master Plan for the Planet Revealed! - by Kathryn E. May

We are being told about the group Ascension plan we will all take part in very soon!  Astonishingly simple and brilliant and wonderful.

When God Pinched My Toe

"Dear Ones, life is moving at a breath-taking pace for many of you.  Even when things are positive, it can be disconcerting to be moving at lightning speed through your days.  The feeling you are having is real.  Time has truly speeded up.  It is so because when you approach a portal, all is compacted on both the entry and exit sides of the portal.  You are approaching the portal to a higher dimensional existence.  It has been constructed and is being guarded by your extraterrestrial Brothers and Sisters, in cooperation with your Earth Masters in preparation for the transition you will all be making when you accomplish the Ascension of all humankind.

Kathryn has asked us a question about the plan for how the Ascension will be handled, and what options there will be for those who are not ready or willing to make the transition when the rest of you are ready.  You, Earth Children, are in charge of the way this will be handled, not Us.  We do give our approval to your plans when we see you have thoroughly thought them through and have the intention to create a Light-increasing plan which is in the Greater Good.  It has been decided recently in your Council meetings that the Ascension process will go forward as originally foreseen - all together.

Let us describe what this means in practical terms.  We do not wish to prevent anyone from ascending when they are ready, but it is a difficult and demanding course of personal development to reach the place where you are completely in command of your thoughts, feelings and actions, with Love and Light as the energy you breathe.  This is the high level of vibration which has been reached by the Ascended Masters before they made the transition to higher dimensional states in body form.  It was decided in your planning councils that you would prefer to ask for help from your Star Brothers and Sisters to allow greater numbers to ascend without the excessively rigorous training your predecessors have experienced.

We have agreed to this proposal.  It will allow greater numbers of you, who have lived many lives in the very difficult atmosphere of Planet Earth, to ascend on the basis of the level of difficulty you have experienced here, even though you may not have quite reached the level of elevated consciousness of your teachers.  We now have the additional technology of the very sophisticated Light chambers which can help you with raising your vibrational levels.  We believe that those who have prepared themselves by learning to maintain a high level of Love/Light in your daily lives will be able to adapt to the rising energies of the chambers, and that you will be able to maintain that level once you have completed the training we have planned for you in preparation for the Light Chamber treatments."   forts.


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