lørdag 29. juni 2013

Yeshua: Your Sacred Heart

Your Sacred Heart Greetings Beloved Ones, it is I, Yeshua.

"I have come forward from the Illumined Realms of Creation to awaken within you the awareness of your Sacred Heart. This is a holy space that is within all parts of you, both physical and nonphysical. You are a vast being of light and your physical body is only a minute part of you and is only able to hold a very small part of the holy space of your Sacred Heart. This is because your body is a 3rd-dimensional vehicle that has limitations. The energetic templates that compose your Sacred Heart are massive and have no limits.

This holy center is the home of your soul. You are able to receive the wisdom and knowledge of your soul in this sacred environment. Your Sacred Heart is also the perfect environment where you awaken the knowledge of yourself as a divine creator who was created in the image of your Source. The energy of love that is always streaming from the Godhead is focused here so that you might create with it in a way that reflects the original blueprint of your soul.

Your soul is composed of four God Particles. These four particles, which work together, are: Love, Living Light, Unity Consciousness, and the Image of Source. You can see how it takes a very special space to hold the massiveness of your soul.

Your Sacred Heart is the foundation of who you are. You gain knowledge of yourself when you hold your attention point here. You receive all the answers to your questions when you hold your attention point within your Sacred Heart. The calmness and harmony of this holy space allows you to rest and revitalize your energies so that you can create consciously and precisely in full alignment with your soul blueprint."   forts.

By Joan and John Walker Published 06/17/2013 Messages from the Masters through Joan Walker Unrated

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