søndag 2. juni 2013

Montague Keen - June 2, 2013 - ber oss stille spørsmål ved alt!

"The changes that are happening in your world both energetically and physically cannot be stopped. They will bring about the change in the control system that has kept you in darkness. Many will come forward to speak out and ask forgiveness for having worked against the good of humanity. They will reveal what you are up against and when the Cabal intends to make its move to try and destroy humanity as you know it.

I have no wish to be alarmist but forewarned is forearmed. The cabal is hoping that the element of surprise will catch you off-guard. They have prepared clones which obey all orders without question. Their world of technology, and your world of darkness, could not be more different. To them, you are but ants, that need to be crushed without mercy. Those of you who are awake must act as leaders, to guide the unawakened to safety. Coming together is so important; as together, you have the power to question authority, and without your compliance, your controllers have no authority. 

You have seen what can happen when people come together to support and encourage each other. The women of Ireland are to be congratulated. They have proved that when you act together, you get results. They have successfully sued the banks [on Friday 31st May]. They won their case. Now, the banks can no longer sell-on mortgages, and have people removed by force from their homes. It was all done peacefully, legally, and always with dignity. This is the way forward for all of you. Now, they will proceed to sue the Vatican, the Government, and the Police. 

This is people power in action. It is but the tip of the iceberg and their success with the banks will lead them on to remove everything that has been set up to destroy humanity. This was the first step in removing all the corrupt practices designed to destroy the quality of life on Earth. Those who sit back and do nothing are guilty of aiding the cabal. By their inaction, they give permission to destroy humanity. Some may foolishly believe that because they have money, position, or a particular religion, they are safe. 

I must point out here and now, that they most certainly are not. Those who wish to take over your world, pay no heed to such trivialities. They want all that you have and that is the bottom line. They will use all means at their disposal to get it. It is time to wake up and assist those who are trying to prevent this takeover. Do not be taken in by the smiles of reassurance and the platitudes of your so-called leaders. It is all a game to them. They have no respect or regard for any of you."    forts. 

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