mandag 17. juni 2013

Greetings from Home, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time Expecting a 3rd Dimensional Reality within the 5th Dimension

"It is time to start revealing some of what lies ahead for all of you who stepped willingly and gleefully into this future. You expected the greatest possibilities and you have experienced all the challenges necessary to clear the energy and make that step. Now you are looking around trying to catch your reflection and it is very difficult. The world has changed. You have changed as well, as you are discovering. You are just now anchoring your energy.  It makes no difference what your gifts are, and you no longer feel passionate about the same things as you used to. They are not returning the energy that you used to put into them, for the world has changed…literally. The simplest way to perceive this is to recognize that you have moved fully into the fifth dimension. However, you are still trying to use your limited three dimensions in the fifth dimensional reality. You are waking up in the morning looking at everything exactly as you left it the night before, searching for your passion and your place in the universe. But you are not seeing it. What is taking place is causing a panic on planet Earth. It is a very quiet panic that has not yet hit the front pages of your newspapers, but it has the effect of causing everyone to doubt themselves a bit.

Now that is actually as it should be, because what you are very quietly discovering is that the world has changed. It has shifted very drastically and you are starting to see a new perception of yourself. However, just as in the old third dimension you only had a limited view. Consider the very simple expressions of height, width and depth, which in effect is the third dimensional reality.  Suddenly you have the added dimensions of time and space, enabling you to see an overview of everything for perhaps the first time. It is truly what happens when beings move between dimensions, but you must also understand this has very rarely happened anywhere in the universe. This is not the norm; the norm would be to wipe out 99% of the life forms and start again over a very long period of time.

Now, you have awakened from the dream. At this moment, most of you are looking around and realizing that something is different. Some of you may be experiencing this wonderful human panic that we love to see, for often this energy momentarily brings you Home.  You start searching for answers, which we always find very curious and we love that part of it. What happens is that you start to ground yourself in a new way in this new world.  In the past, most of your grounding has been of the physical body because that is the part of the Earth that is the dust that you have breathed life into with your spirit.

Living in the Age of NO MORE SECRETS!
The world has changed and you are acclimating on an individual as well as on a collective basis. All of your collectives, whether you consider that a group of friends, a corporation, , a religion or a government, must go through these changes. The way that the collectives anchor on the new side will determine what happens going forward, for many will not be able to fully anchor. If there are integrity problems with internal vibrations, they will come to the surface very quickly. Challenges that previously would have taken years to develop in a collective group will now come to the surface very quickly. It will almost seem as if there is little time to adjust. Yes, certain collectives will fall apart; they will not make the transition, yet others will. All of you will learn the secrets of looking at yourself in a new way, for that is the aspect of what you are going through now and learning to do.  Learning to live in the age of No More Secrets will be challenging for many.

Now, why has it changed so drastically? What are the aspects that are no longer felt in the same way? There has been energy on Earth that all of you have anchored your hearts into, and that is the part that has been released. You did it! It was not done for you, it was done by YOU. It was done with your permission and by your asking for it. What has happened is that now all of the things that you have given power to will not reflect your power in the same way as before. Some of these may be belief systems or relationships, or it may be the way you see yourself expressed in the world through a job or whatever it is you do in the world. All of these passions need to be re-evaluated at this point. You have given your power to so many things. You are creator beings, but you cannot see that for it is part of the veil that keeps you from seeing all of it. That energy of creation has increased in all of you, but you have not been able to fully anchor it yet; everything looks the same. You understand that you are only five months away from this transition which you have come through. Because you are still acclimating all the pieces that are falling around you, finding your place during these transitionary times is very challenging. This is where we ask you to connect to one another for support. We will be working with this over a period of time, as well."    forts.

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